Friday, November 23, 2007

L'ORFEO - Favola in musica da Claudio Monteverdi

A stage production of Monteverdi's opera from 1607, held at The Court Theatre in The Theatre Museum, Copenhagen, 23-25 November 2007.

The production was not actually a creation of the Nordic Network For Early Opera, but the other way around - the reason why the Network was initiated and took form (it all started in June 2007). 
The core of the production team of L'Orfeo was thus the same persons that now constitutes the "board" of the network: 
• Magnus Tessing Schneider - who directed the opera
• Peter Spissky - was leading the orchestra as a violinist
• Jette Barnholdt Hansen - functioned as a voice coach and worked on the text and declamation
• Björn Ross - initiated the project, produced the opera and made the videographic stage setting
We also made a ambitious 60 pages printed programme, with articles by Magnus and Jette. The programme can still be ordered for 50 dkk excl. shipping. Write to!

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